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Methyl Oleate

n agrochemicals Methyl Oleate use as in metal working as lubricants & also in cleaning  used as solvent replacement in graffiti remover, degreaser or ether cleaning applications.
Methyl Oleate having an excellent solvency properties can provide formulators with replacements for petroleum derived solvents.
In pesticide industry, Methyl Oleate is used as a substitute of methylbenzene.
In petroleum drilling industry, Methyl Oleate is used as a non-fluorescing slurry lubricant can effectively improve adsorb ability and wettability of slurry and drill metal surface to reduce adhesion coefficient and achieve desirable thermal stability, compatibility and uniform dispersion.
Methyl Oleate can be as an emulsifier, viscosity builder in household care products.
Methyl Oleate used as raw material of emulsifiers or oiling agents for foods, spin finishes, surfactant and base material for perfume & solvent or co solvent; oil carrier in agricultural industry.
Methyl Oleate can also be used to make cosmetics,detergents, special lubricant and textile assistant, etc.



CAS Number : 112-62-9


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