Calfax® DB-45 (Pilot)


Calfax® DB-45 is a clear light amber aqueous solution of sodium dodecyl branched dipheny
oxide disulfonate. Calfax® DB-45 contains no halogenated solvents and is compatible with
a broad range of acids, alkalis, chlorine and peroxide bleaches and builders such as sodium
carbonate and sodium metasilicate.

Calfax® DB-45 produces high foam and extremely stable emulsions in many HI&I applications. It provides great rinsability.

Application - Outstanding wetting, emulsifying, coupling and stabilizing agent. Also used as leveling agent in acid dyeing of nylon. World renowned for unsurpassed performance in latex and adhesive emulsion polymerizations. CFR 21 and 40 approved.

ManufacturerPilot Chemical
CAS Number119345-04-9
Tradenames Calfax® DB-45
SynonymsSodium C12 Branched Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate
Grades Offered
Product Sheet   PDF Sheet
INCI NameSodium Dodecyl Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate

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